The failed attempt to bring Dune to the screen by Alejandro Jodorowsky back in the 1970’s is a movie-making near miss of myth and legend. A legend so great that the attempt to make the movie got it’s own movie.

Now, in an interview with IndieWire, Jodorowsky himself has spoken about the challenges of bringing the famous book to the big screen, concluding that it can’t be done. Nobody can do it well:

“Dune is a book that’s like Proust. It’s science fiction but it’s very, very literary. It’s very difficult to find images to put in the film because pictures are optical. When I had the idea to do that, it was in an ecological [crisis]. I was feeling what all the people feel today. We’re in an ecological problem, because the Earth is changing, and your crazy President doesn’t believe that. That is Dune in the beginning.

The first time they said it was safe to do ‘Dune,’ and [David Lynch] did it, I was ill, because it was my dream. They showed the picture in Paris, and my son said, ‘You need to see the picture.’ I was ill to do that… Then they start to show the picture, and step by step, I was so happy, so happy, so happy because it was a sh—y picture. I realized, ‘Dune,’ nobody can do it. It’s a legend.”

Jodorowsky admitted that he will go and see Villeneuve’s version:

“…with pleasure, because it will be different. It’s not the same… it’s impossible to do.”

This talk comes as there is confirmation that the highly anticipated trailer will be with us before the end of this month. Lead Timothee Chalamet confirmed on Twitter that the trailer is ready. Then Spider-Man star Zendaya confirmed she has seen it:

“Dune was incredible. I wasn’t in it very much, so when I was watching the trailer, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I called Timothée [Chalamet, who stars in it] and said, ‘Dude! You should be proud.’ It is a big deal to even be a small part of something with such a massive cast. And I love sci-fi stuff too. It’s fun to escape into another world.”

Zendaya plays Chani, who appears mostly in the second half of the book. As this movie is planned to be the first half of a two movie adaption then it’s understandable that she may not be in this movie a huge amount.

The trailer will first appear in front of special re-release screenings of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgard and Charlotte Rampling co-star in the film which is still targeting a December 18th release.

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