In the pantheon of great swearers, Samuel L. Jackson is right up there. A premiere league cuss master who can swear just with a stare. His swearing Kung Fu is so strong he doesn’t even need to say a word. Look.

You know what he’s saying. He knows you know what he’s saying. Yes, he means you.

It is Disney’s loss that this artist of the profane is unlikely to be able to deploy his greatest gift for them, being that they are a family outfit. His Nick Fury is still simply superb though. The slightly sinister glue that holds the MCU together and gives it direction.

So it’s good news that Samuel L. Jackson is set to return as Nick Fury in a new Marvel Studios show to be released on Disney+. Kyle Bradstreet (Mr. Robot, Berlin Station, Copper) is to write and Exec Produce.

Spoiler for those of you who are yet to see Spider-Man: Far From Home. Look away now…

…In the post credits stinger Jackson’s Fury was revealed to be onboard a Skrull ship in space as Fury and Maria Hill were shown to be Skrulls on Earth. Whether they have always been this way, or post Thanos snap the Skrulls did something, remains to be seen.

He was in two episodes of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. as cameos. He has never had a regular TV role before.

Disney Plus from Kevin Feige are developing up a storm right now. WandaVision this year, The Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki in 2021 then She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel over 2022 and 2023. All of these shows are around a year later than previously planned due to the pandemic.

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