When I first saw Space Force advertised, I immediately rolled my eyes. How could this be any good? Another Anti-Trump send up? I was pretty skeptical.

But never judge a book by its cover. I was pleasantly surprised to not only find minimal digs at Trump but also complete parody versions of Nancy Pelosi and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

It was nice to find a show at least attempting to be a little even handed.

The problem, however, is the show is not funny. Nor is it serious enough to be engaging. It really can’t decide if it’s trying to be a comedy or a real story and ends up being neither.

Carrel plays General Mark R Naird, the first Chief of Space Operations. The rest of the joint Chiefs are played with a lot of fraternity idiocy you might expect to find in an Airplane movie. They mock him as “Space Force” sounds ridiculous. (Which I gotta admit, it does. A new branch of the military may be a good idea but jeez Trump. “Starfleet” was there just waiting for you.)

Instead of “Airman 1st Class” you get “Spaceman 1st Class” as an example of rank. It has to be constantly pointed out not to laugh or be embarrassed by it. So funny.

Naird is equal parts genius and idiot which really doesn’t play well. Is he a guy who has piloted every F-series fighter jet or a guy who puts his feet on the console accidentally launching and destroying a priceless spacecraft? Apparently both.

Tonally, this thing is all over the map and because of that, it fails miserably. While I do appreciate that it’s keeping the wokeness down to a minimum and also attempting to be a little more even handed with who its targeting in its comedy, the sad truth is you still have to make the audience laugh. If you want to be somewhat of an uplifting story about building a new military branch, you can’t undercut every serious moment with a cheap joke that isn’t funny.

Overall, I can’t recommend it. But at least it didn’t anger me and that was a pleasant surprise indeed.

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