The three-parter wraps up with the rescue of Echo who is …ok?

These three episodes together make a nice little mini-movie but taken on their own do leave a little to be desired.

I still quite enjoyed this one though. It picks up right where last week’s left off. The team surrounded and the situation grim. Using some information from Echo thanks to being hooked up to the station Matrix-style (but not as cute) he is able to lead them out from one close scrape after another.

Dragon bats! Cooooool.

The team ends up with the natives on the planet who are not real happy about them leading the war back to their village. Rex gives a nice speech about war comes to you whether you want it or not.

There is a good battle and they are able to defeat the techno-union army and leave the planet and the natives in peace. However, Echo gives an odd look just as the credits roll that makes you wonder, is he compromised? It’s subtle enough that it could be also trauma. I give the animators props for being able to make it so ambiguous.

Overall I enjoy this little throwback to better storytelling and understandable character motivations. The use of the Force here is sensible. There are some imaginative escape scenarios. I also enjoy the persuasion of the natives to fight, ala Ewoks.

It was a lot of time that really amounts to go in, rescue comrade, get out. There isn’t a ton of earthshaking revelations or anything, other than Echo was still alive.

Next week is a new story line. I feel this show would benefit from releasing all the episodes at once instead of week to week. Still, if you’re looking for some enjoyable good old fashioned Star Wars fun, you could do far worse.

Weird I would have this photo after that last sentence.


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