There was a lot of things I was expecting out of a typical superhero show put out by Greg Berlanti show, but “based” wasn’t one of them. Such is Stargirl Season 1, so here’s my review.

To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed the entire season. It seemed to follow the original story reasonably well and brought in a lot of Justice Society lore most people don’t see. While it isn’t the original JSA, the costumes and heroes are various descendants or just people taking up the mantle of the originals.

Brec Bassinger plays the title character well, toning down some of the original’s teenage narcissism to play a likable character. She’s not too mature as so many of these shows tend to make teenagers. Luke Wilson plays Pat Dugan, her new stepfather and they get a lot of mileage out their relationship as stepdad/stepdaughter.

The big bad of the story is the Injustice Society of America made up of Brainwave, a telepath; Icicle, the leader with (you guessed it) ice powers; Sportsmaster and his wife who are just sadists with athletic vices; and the creepy Dragon King, a scientist who made himself into some sort of lizard man.

The shocker of all this is that the bad guys, who are clearly bad, want to take over the United States by reprogramming everyone’s brains so they vote left.

I’m not kidding.

They want to get solar power and universal healthcare. They want to enact all the “right thinking” ideas and they want to do it by forcing people who have wrong think. If you fight the reprogramming, you’ll die. Yes, you wrong thinkers will simply be snuffed out for the greater good of wind farms and no more racism.

I was totally shocked. This was the same guy who made the execrable Supergirl series? Am I watching this correctly? Did they just show a very symbolic view of Communism?

Of course they get defeated because people need to be able to make their own choices. As Courtney’s mother says to Icicle, “no one ever died because they disagreed with you.” It was like watching the left say words are violence and the sane saying, “uh, no.”

Well somehow, somewhere, this got past the wokerati. I’m not seeing a whole of backlash, but I was laughing my butt off. And it actually is correct. You can’t force people.

As for the rest of the cast, the kids do a good job and have distinct personalities and modern problems I could see happening in this day and age. The girl who plays the new Doctor Midnight is a good kid but way too much into being a kid with her parents. They are more than happy that she’s finally got some friends that they probably don’t look hard enough at her activities.

It’s not a perfect show. Some of the kid moments are a little ham-fisted. Hourman is a bit one note. But overall I will continue to watch.

If for no other reason than to finally see a show that is sticking in the eye of the lunatic woke brigade.

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