“Kick Him In The Nards!”

Original cast and crew of Shane Black’s 1987 cult film The Monster Squad return in this trailer for documentary Wolfman’s Got Nards.

In The Monster Squad, a group of friends teams up to defeat the greatest collection of monsters ever assembled, Dracula, Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein’s monster. The movie was directed by Fred Dekker and starred Andre Gower.

Gower has now gone on to direct a documentary about the making of the movie called Wolfman’s Got Nards. Here’s the trailer –

It follows the making of the film, its reception, and, most importantly, its resurrection as a cult classic. The film features interviews with dozens of people involved including director Dekker, and co-writer Black.

Speaking about the doc, Gower told EW –

“I was thinking about all of the amazing stories that these fans have told me and our fellow castmates over the last decade of this resurgence,”

“Those stories never ceased, or slowed down, or stopped. They just kept on growing, and getting deeper and more fascinating. I started to realize that there’s something really special there, that this movie had a really deep impact on a lot of people, and it was different from anything else that I could really put my finger on.”

The documentary was an official selection for a number of film festivals including Cinepocalypse and Salem Horror Fest.

Wolfman’s Got Nards does not currently have distribution but Gower is optimistic fans will see it soon.

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